Blackwidows, DVAs, and Tracers Oh My!!!!

 Luis Benavides Jr

Initial release date: May 24, 2016
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
Genre: First-person shooter
Mode: Multiplayer video game
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
Designers: Scott Mercer, Michael Elliott, Jeremy Craig


Now that Overwatch has been out since its release on May 24, we as a gaming community have had time to generate our own opinion on the game and its content. Without further ado, here is my review on the highest played multiplayer game on the market.

If you are on the fence about this game, I can see why, when the publisher, Blizzard, is known for making astonishing MMO’s like World of Warcraft and Starcraft. What can a studio that is primarily known for MMO’s possibly know about FPS (First Person Shooters)? I encourage you to give it a chance. If you need to get rid of some games that you’re not playing, trade them in for it. This game plays like a highly tuned, competitive, war machine. Overwatch is a team based game but, it is also amazing to just jump in solo and random or take part in a weekly brawl. The weekly brawls have a theme such as; only use defense characters, or increase in cooldown rate. If you have a set group of friends to play against, the different styles of characters that this game allows you to explore is ridiculously awesome and satisfying. There is a character for everyone. I play 5 different characters. There’s not a round in this game, that I’ve played, where I’m not having fun. There is any kind of combat you can think of. If you want to be a duel shotgun wielding specter, a true assault rifle commando, a talking gorilla with a lighting gun, a junk yard rat that blows stuff up (which is awesome by the way), or freeze things and launch them in the air with your ice wall, you can do that. The only bad part to this game is, like Destiny, you have to be online to play. The lobby time is extremely fast and I’ve only had to wait a few seconds to get into a game. The unlockables are very incredible and unique to each character and adds a great amount of replay value. This game surprised me with it’s online play, character selection, and server performance. Just to give you another insight at how awesome this game is, I played Battleborn in its’ Beta phase, and already had my Battleborn pre-order copy paid off. When they announced that they were releasing Overwatch for consoles, I changed my pre-order from Battleborn to Overwatch.




The graphics and gameplay are awesome and smooth.

Great server speed and low wait times for games (PS4)

Great variety of gameplay from a unique cast of characters

Multiple maps to keep the fun rolling.




Repetitive gameplay

Honestly my only complaint, once you get the style and characters down, it does

become repetitive. But, the game itself is so fun that doesn’t matter. Overwatch is

definitely worth getting and have absolute fun blowing stuff up.


Rating 5/5 Greyskulls


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