Welcome Back Guardians

By: Luis Benavides Jr.

The day has finally come!!!! All of the rumors and misinformation gets set straight. Today Bungie revealed some much needed gameplay and new features that will change the game that some of us love and others have hated with a passion. There’s no denying that if you played from day one like I have, we have seen the good, bad, and downright unbearable. With raid’s being broken, the crucible being unfair, trials being brutal for solo players like myself, and other modes just unpleasant to play Destiny really didn’t last for some players. But let’s get into some of the great things that Bungie revealed that has me ready to go preorder and get back into the world of Destiny.


First of all, let’s start with the campaign. With the cinematic trailer for the campaign we get a better understanding of which direction we will be mainly exploring. With that let me tell you some of the key points showed. The city is taken, the speaker dead, the connection to the light gone and last all the vaults are lost. That’s right, ALL VAULTS LOST!!! The campaign trailer did an excellent job with diving a little more into the newest threat that has come to earth.


Next the team at Bungie revealed some of the new tools and features that will make images[1]Destiny 2 standout and really shine. One of these new features is better clan tools and support through the console. Items like custom banners and content will be unlockable while in a clan. They really didn’t give too much away with exactly what kind of content will be unlocked, but one can assume that will include weapons, armor, and shaders. One new feature that I’m really excited for is a mode/tool called Guided Games. Now here’s how this works, let’s say you get all of your clan members on at the same time for a raid. Just put the raid or event in this option and you’ll be able to find that missing person or persons so you can still enjoy the raid. This will benefit solo players like me in a way to connect and be a part of content like raid and trials. Which, I played very little of the raids and trails, and it’s very rare when I had other people to play with.


Now, some of the even bigger news is Destiny is going to PC. We did get some more intel on what will be new to the PC port. Destiny 2 will be available through the battle.net exclusively. So don’t be surprised if we see some Blizzard and Bungie crossed products at some point. But the news that Bungie and Blizzard have joined together for this is truly groundbreaking. I can’t wait to see the content and server performance that comes with such a partnership


To find out more of the little details that was covered on the live stream on


With everything that was discussed and shown with the reveal I can’t wait to get back into the fight. Don’t forget to go preorder your copy to get access to the beta this summer.


5/5 Greyskulls
Written by
Luis #Fallluis Benavides.Jr
VP of gaming for the Nerdery Podcast