Nintendo Hits The Switch!

We normally only have one person write an article. When I caught wind of this, I handed to two. I kinda figured it would put two diverse opinions into one publication. Let’s see how well Ricky and Luis can switch it up and see what they think about Nintendo’s latest unveiling!



First impressions of the newest console/portable release today from Nintendo…..

HOLY F*#@&!? SHIT!!!!!

The first true console/portable is something that has been a big topic in the gaming world since PS2/XBOX. Nintendo is taking a big risk with this recent console release due to the mild sucess of the WiiU, but the 3DS is destroying the portable console wars. With 3DS out selling Vita 3 to 1 in the holiday seasons, it only go to show that Nintendo could give up on home consoles and stick to portable and mobile licensing (cough*pokemon go*cough) and still remain a very profitable company. This annoucement comes a little on the late side, with no word of this at the E3 panel earlier this year. Nintendo was also quiet at the Tokyo Game Show, which was also surprising due to it being one of companies bigger shows. Leaving a lot of fans wondering if the new console rumor were  in fact only rumors. Well not anymore.Image result for nintendo switch

Lets take a look at the obvious features of the new console, The Switch. The gaming controller button and joystick section remove, and connect to a tablet like screen. The gaming tablet/screen can be removed from the dock and can play on the go. Now from here you’ll say to yourself “Sony has a simular function with the PS4 and Vita” and for all purposes your right. However, you’re also very wrong. The detachable controller
ensures that the button scheme doesn’t change going from sitting in the living room or sitting in the DMV office waiting for rapture. Which also incorporates one of the best things from the WiiU, the game pad. Playing Nintendo classics on the game pad was a Image result for nintendo switchabsolute joy and pretty awesome. Next you’ll see that the game is no longer on a disc but an SD card like the 3DS. The introduction of 1TB and 2TB SD cards have made it possible for bigger titles and games to be put on the SD cards. At first you may think NO MORE LOADING SCREENS. However, you would be wrong again. When I had my 3DS I still got loading screens, so we’re not out of the woods on that one yet. Lets get to the nunchucku function. When playing a game on the go you can detach the controller and use it like the traditional Wii controller. The innovation of this feature allows the user to turn the game tablet back into a console. In the announcement trailer we see the potential for couch co-op and LAN gaming. The display of having two pads back to back, and playing 4 player co-op or vs matches is insane. We also get a look at the new pro controller which looked amazing with the best of the Gamecube ergonomic handling and WiiU’s button layout. The announcement video and the introduction to the new console pretty much shows that the gaming parties can go anywhere and anytime. But with all these advancements true gamers begin asking a lot of questions.Image result for nintendo switch

One of the biggest questions I got out of the announcement was “Whats the battery life looking like once it’s off the dock? What netcode are running here? Are going to continue with the WiiU or will they incorporate the 3DS netcode? With both doing very well on the online gaming, they really have options. How will the controllers sell, will they sell just the joystick and buttons separately from the frame? Will they sell the game pad as a console bundle?

Honestly at this point it’s all in the air. But one thing is for sure, Nintendo is definitely setting the bar getting praised for console innovation. All this makes me believe that this will be a real game changer that Sony and Microsoft can’t ignore.

Luis #failluis Benavides Jr
VP of Gaming for The Nerdery Podcast


Today Nintendo officially unveiled the Nintendo Switch, a new gaming console with dual capabilities between your living room, and mobile on the go entertainment. Switch is comprised of a 6” tablet you can insert into a dock that allows it to connect and be played on your TV! When detached, the tablet sports a controller that can split in half, each individual piece can connect to each side of the tablet. The Switch also allows controls with an adapter to connect the controller pieces leaving the tablet independent. Nintendo is known for pushing the boundaries of creativity and using methods not commonly used by its competitors. The GameCube was the system Nintendo utilized a smaller DVD disc system, allowing the console to be ridiculously small.Image result for nintendo switch Nintendo shocked the world again, when the Wii released and opened the world of active gaming. Users were bowling, by actually standing up, and using bowling motions of their bodies. With the success of the Wii. Nintendo decided to create a High Definition Wii. The Wii U, was not well received by developers, and most claimed the system was under powered and lacked the hardware needed to display cutting edge graphics. This resulted in low sales and underwhelming quarterly reports. Nintendo vowed to up their game with the next console, and the Nintendo Switch could very well be the answer needed. The system uses a custom Nvidia Tegra processor. Honestly, the name worried me considering Tegra processors were typically aimed at mobile gaming in android tablets. Nvidia made it clear that the Tegra inside the Switch is capable of keeping up with the GeForce line of processors, and if this holds true, developers will have no problem with the console. Image result for nintendo switchNintendo made a point to announce both partnerships with a large number of developers, and a list of games to be on the console including the new Zelda, and Mario games everyone is waiting for! The system will be available March 2017, and March can’t get here soon enough!


Sony $#!+ The Bed

By: Ricky Ramirez

Image result for every xbox consoleImage result for every playstation console

As a longtime fan of Microsoft’s Xbox, it hasn’t exactly been easy to stay true to Microsoft. I had the best experience with the Xbox 360 from launch day 2005 until pretty much the end of the consoles reign. Microsoft had hit a stride that Sony just couldn’t catch up to with its PS3. Then E3 2013 hit, and Xbox took a metaphoric dump on all their fans. Announcing The Xbox One not only had to have an internet connection, but it absolutely required the Kinect hardware. They also added you wouldn’t be able to borrow or rent disc based games, and that digital rights management would lock each game to the buyer.

Image result for sony vs microsoft

The next day Sony took the stage, and began gaining all of Microsoft’s ostracized fans. Sony announced that not only would its new system the PlayStation 4 be based on X86 architecture (a computer based architecture that’s easy to program for) but that disc based games would be able to play from any official game source. They laughed at the thought of having to be connected to the internet and said the system would work regardless of online capabilities. It didn’t take long for Microsoft to back pedal and change every policy they had just deemed permanent. The damage had been done. PlayStation 4 outsold Xbox One for two years straight and Sony had begun a journey towards total domination.


Fast forward to September 7th, 2016, we are now in what most people call the midlife of both consoles. Microsoft has already released Xbox One S, a new slim version capable of not only playing 4K Blu-Ray discs, but displaying 4K video with high dynamic range on compatible televisions. Sony then decides to debut a slim version of the current PlayStation 4, and a new more powerful version titled the PlayStation 4 Pro. Surely this device would have everything the Xbox One S has and more right?


Not exactly.

Image result for ps4 pro

Sony has decided to Overclock the processor a bit, and include a better GPU capable of 4K gaming, 4K streaming, and HDR to compatible Televisions. Where are the 4 K Blu-Ray players I was hoping for? It seems Sony missed that opportunity, while focusing on the gaming experience. Obviously gaming is the priority here, but that’s with any game console. For a company that helped pioneer Blu-Ray disc, it Image result for 4k blu rayseems odd to not have 4K playback at launch. When you dominate the market for two years, what makes you say, “Hey maybe we should hold back”? The PlayStation 4 is beefed up only slightly, and that’s just for added power necessary for PlayStation VR when it arrives.


Image result for xbox scorpioMicrosoft is already working on its next Xbox currently titled project Scorpio. Many are saying it will be a modular design similar to a PC, and while it seems far fetched, it’s nice to see a company fighting back for the crown they once had. Sony did manage to throw their fans a bone, by upgrading every PlayStation unit from the launch models to the current units with HDR via a software update due this month. Maybe they’ll secretly allow 4 K Blu-Ray playbacks through a software update, but until then I’ll stick with the launch models I waited so patiently for.




Warframe War Within

By: JD Hardin

The guys at Digital Extremes are back at it again. Not long ago, DE released The Second Dream mission set to Warframe players and received excellent reviews. Last month, Digital Extremes hosted their own convention, TennoCon, in London, Ontario Canada near their home office. All the attendees got a sneak peak into what’s up their sleeve with Warframe.

For those who don’t know what Warframe is, here’s the original trailer.


As players, we were stoked when The Second Dream mission set was released. The Second Dream finally confirmed where the Tenno and Warframes came from, and what they had to do with the Orokin.

Warframe’s first cinematic mission set was a massive success and set players on the warpath wanting it available for replay (including myself). As soon as most players finished watching the last cinematic, they immediately wanted to know what was next. A few months later and DE answered by giving us Lunaro.

A Lacrosse game that pits Tenno vs Tenno in two teams, Lunaro was not what most players expected to come next. But, it was enough to keep us interested and playing.

As of TennoCon, all players have something to be excited about. Teshin is up to something. Don’t believe me, take a look.

So, let’s walk through this real slow. Teshin, the Orokin survivor who assists in training the Tenno (as far as I can tell), is possibly turning traitor?

Wow! I can’t wait for this to come out.

Digital Extremes also teased an animated series entitled 100 Days of Warframe.

The arrival of a new fairy inspired Warframe debuted to gasps and ooh’s and ah’s.  After watching this profile video, I can see why

So, if you’re not playing Warframe. You’re missing out.

Where’s My Fight Money!!!!

By: Luis Benavides Jr.

At long last here is my review of the newest installment of this fighting game legacy. After the initial release back on Feb 16th of this year, it’s received both positive and negative reviews. Here is my review from release to now with the newest update.

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Blackwidows, DVAs, and Tracers Oh My!!!!

 Luis Benavides Jr

Initial release date: May 24, 2016
Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
Genre: First-person shooter
Mode: Multiplayer video game
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
Designers: Scott Mercer, Michael Elliott, Jeremy Craig


Now that Overwatch has been out since its release on May 24, we as a gaming community have had time to generate our own opinion on the game and its content. Without further ado, here is my review on the highest played multiplayer game on the market.

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